Joy Riderz

Joy Riderz

Hello Everybody,

We are two cool guys from Hungary. Also first timers on a SAC rally! We hope, we gonna have great time with you and the rally. We have a budget rally car that almost made it to the finish line of the European 500 in 2017. For this year, we are planning to upgrade it to a real adventure car that will rock like hell :)

There are some things you might want to know about us. We are rough hungarian players with a willing of exploration and having as much fun as we can handle. Therefore we are a bit different than average people. Some of you may enjoy our special personalities during the rally and hope we will enjoy yours as well :)

Team members:

Team leader: Andras (or Andrew oder Andreas) - master of mechanics, chief of brewery, state of the art

Co-pilot: Jozsef (or Joseph или Иосип) - rookie lumberjack, latin lover (from the Puszta), official cup holder


not yet decided

Team facts

The European 5000 - 2017
Balkan Express 2018



Andras Puskas

Team members

Jozsef Vad

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