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Dragon Thunder

Born to compete. Driven to win.

Dragon Thunder - that means two firefighters, one car and a trip of a few thousand kilometers - fire is our element; if it gets fiery, we're your men.

"We", are the firefighters Maximilian "Max" Stach and Julian "Draco" Wendhausen. While Max has the function of our team's navigator and cameraman, I'm responsible for the purchase of a suitable car and repairs before and during the rally.

After a rather short discussion we agreed on buying one specific car. Because of the (partially) very hard and dangerous stages of the rally and the reliability, the simplicity and robustness the ideal car should have, we decide to "reach for the stars" - well, only one star - a Mercedes w202. Hopefully it will drive us to victory.

So big our ambitions are, so meaningful is the background. As part of our participation in the European 5000 2019, we collect money for charity projects! So please help us and donate. Even a single euro is a step forward! Thank you. 

We're ready for every trip and shun no competition!



Team facts

The European 5000 - 2019



Julian Wendhausen

Team members

Maximilian Stach

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