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The Baltic Sea Circle

Discover the northern hemisphere on the ultimate roadtrip. 7,500 km of white sand coastline, lonely archipelago, rugged cliffs and deep fjords around the extraordinary Baltic Sea in midsummer.


The Black Sea Circle

16 days of unknown terrain. Discover the eastern edge of Europe all the way to the borders of the Orient around the mysterious Black Sea on the craziest trip of your life.


The European Rally

From sea level to heights of over 3,000 meters: Cool your heels in a ski suit at temperatures of -5°C, or don that new bikini to bake on a simmering, 35°C beach.


Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive

Traverse 20 countries, 2 continents and over 15,000 kilometers on swashbuckling streets and dusty paths, all the while wending your way through pulsing metropolises and secluded spots that showcase the incredible natural beauty of Asia. From the Atlantic to the Pacific.


Three Wheels on India

Take part in an exhilarating and wicked rally across the sub-continent. Hop on your auto rickshaw and enter the fray of 2.500 km Indian roads. Elephants, cows, monkeys, deserts, jungles and mountains await you.


Charity Projects

Having an adventure you’ll never forget is one thing. But helping others while you’re at it? That’s where we come in; in fact, it’s the basis behind all S.A.C adventures.

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The European Rally 2015 - Official Winner Video